12. Business +/- Ethics Dialog

Europe and Brexit

Back to the future?
  • Date: 20th November / 6 pm
  • Location: IUBH - Mensa, Mülheimer Straße 38, 53604 Bad Honnef

Dialogue 2019

Europe and Brexit - Back to the Future? This is the question our panel discussion will deal with on November 20th at IUBH. Our Dialogue partners from fields such as economics, education and politics will argue together with the audience, ‘What is Europe?’ ‘What impact does Brexit have on Europe?’ and ‘What will the situation look like after Great Britain actually leaves the EU?’.

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During the event the public will be able to enjoy the panel discussion online as well, since the discussion’s content will be transmitted in real-time for the rest of the audience that can’t attend the event.

English translation

The audience can enjoy the discussion in both German and English as the discussion is simultaneously translated.


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"Brexit was a fantastic example of a nation shooting itself full in the face.”

- Hugh Grant

Europe and Great Britain have been in discussions since 2017 and after long negotiations, they settled on a date for Great Britain to leave the European Union. But will it be a hard Brexit, or will they come to an agreement? The biggest fear for the UK is that the slowing of economic growth might cause many banks and companies to move their headquarters out if the country.

“Brexit has really broken a taboo. The Brits have shown us that you can leave the European Union, and you can come out better.”

- Marine Le Pen

Brexit also strengthened other anti-immigration parties in the EU that could force an anti-EU vote in other countries such as Germany or France. This would cause the EU to lose two of their biggest economies.


Jochen Pöttgen

Jochen Pöttgen

Head of the Regional Representation of the European Commission Bonn

‚As painful or regrettable as Brexit may be, it will not stop the EU on its path to the future. We have to go forward.‘ Jean-Claude Juncker

Prof. Dr. Christof Mandry

Prof. Dr. Christof Mandry

German Theologian, Ethicist and Professor

Brexit is a symptom of disruption in Europe – European solidarity or „us first“?

Armin Heider

Armin Heider

Division Manager International of the Chamber of Commerce IHK Bonn/ Rhein-Sieg

For a country as focused on export as Germany, the Brexit is without question a setback. While the EU is negotiating extensive trade agreements with as many countries around the world as possible to boost mutual prosperity, there is the risk of further alienation of the United Kingdom in case of Brexit. This should be countered with all available means.

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Location: The International University of Applied science Bad Honnef

The International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef is a private, state recognized university of business and management. The University was founded in 1998 and started teaching in 2000. It offers four different study programs with various study subjects in English and German, IUBH Campus Studies, IUBH Distance Learning, IUBH Dual Studies and IUBH Corporate Programs. Additionally, IUBH is located in several cities such as, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Vienna.

About the Business +/- Ethics dialogue

The Business +/- Ethics dialogue is an annual event that is performed by the Catholic Social Institution (KSI) Siegburg, IUBH International University of Bad Honnef and the IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg.

During the event, representatives of fields such as, economy, society, politics and education will discuss current developments and their impacts interactively with the audience. The objective of this dialogue series is tib bring current, but also quite controversial topics into the public focus, as well as to debate new solutions and perspectives concerning urgent questions.

The organizational implementation is carried out by the ‘International Event Management’ students of IUBH Bad Honnef.

The Project Team

We are the project team consisting of third semesters international event management students at IUBH Bad Honnef and we organize the Business +/- Ethics Dialogue in the scope of our studies.

Business Ethics Team

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