13. Business +/- Ethics Dialog

Who pays the bill?

Intergenerational justice in global crises
  • Date: 9th December / 6 pm
  • Location: Zoom room (tba)

Dialogue 2020

Who pays the bill? This is the question that will be dealt with in the online panel discussion on December 9th. Questions related to how the younger generation is able to create wealth in times of crises and to whom government money is going to, will be critically discussed. Perspectives to avoid a “clash” of generations will be analyzed.

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English translation

The audience can enjoy the discussion in both German and English as the discussion is simultaneously translated.


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„At the heart of any concept of sustainable development lies an idea of intergenerational justice.“

- Axel Gosseries

„Inter-generational Fairness: This is not just about including young people in driving future change, but also recognizing that they have significantly impaired financial prospects compared to their elders. There needs to be new political settlements around inheritance, tax, pensions and state provision of care“

- - The 2015 Ariadne Forecast for European Social Change and Human Rights Funders

„A great advocate for social justice…she fights for affordable housing, civil rights and economic empowerment.“

- Margarita Lopez

Dialogue partners

Florian Nöll

Mr. Florian Nöll

Florian Nöll dedicates himself to the development of digital ecosystems at the auditing and consulting company PwC and, as head of the startup NextLevel, he continues his passion for the start-up scene and building connections between startups, corporates and family businesses.

“We need the innovative strength of the founders in the crisis and after the crisis.”

Vincent Vandenberghe

Mr. Vincent Vandenberghe

Vincent Vandenberghe is Professor of Economics in Belgium. He particularly examines the ageing of society and various effects such as retirement, the health system or the development of education.

“An ageing society badly needs its educated youth to rapidly become economically productive.“

Franzi Bassenge

Ms. Franzi Bassenge

As a 21-year-old climate activist, Franzi Bassenge is the co-founder of a Fridays For Future group and has been involved in nationwide cooperation from the beginning of the movement. She accompanies demonstrations and, in addition to organizing events, is also involved in police cooperation.

"Fridays For Future gives me the feeling that I can defend myself at least a little bit against the powerlessness that I feel again in relation to the climate crisis.”

About the Business +/- Ethics dialogue

The Business +/- Ethics dialogue is an annual event that is performed by the Catholic Social Institution (KSI) Siegburg, IUBH International University of Bad Honnef and the IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg.

During the event, representatives of fields such as, economy, society, politics and education will discuss current developments and their impacts interactively with the audience. The objective of this dialogue series is tib bring current, but also quite controversial topics into the public focus, as well as to debate new solutions and perspectives concerning urgent questions.

The organizational implementation is carried out by the ‘International Event Management’ students of IUBH Bad Honnef.

The Project Team

Laura Strohmenger

Laura Strohmenger

My name is Laura Strohmenger, I am 19 years old and from Cologne. My passion for the field of organizing events arises from their characteristic of unifying people which is also a great attribute of the Business +/-Ethics Dialogue. In my life, I follow the motto that there is no problem which cannot be solved naming one reason for me being excited for our upcoming discussion

Alexa Härtwig

Alexa Härtwig

My name is Alexa Härtwig, I am 21 years old and from Germany. The Business Ethics project is a great opportunity for us to expand our skills and gain experience.

Romy Snaauw

Romy Snaauw

My name is Romy Snaauw, I am 21 years old and from the Netherlands. The Business Ethics Dialogue is a great event for us to improve our communication skills and bring people together from different backgrounds whilst creating an intellectual and significant discussion, which needs to be addressed in these unprecedented times of a global pandemic.

Tom Laarhuis

Tom Laarhuis

My name is Tom Laarhuis, I am 22 years old and from the Netherlands. Because of studying International Event Management, we must introduce creative ways to organize meaningful events during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am very much looking forward to this online dialogue to perceive different insights in various topics.

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